10 x 10 Challenge

The challenge is a simple one – you have ten hours to record as many
species as you can in a single ten kilometre square.

It is quite a lot like a bird race but on a smaller and more compact
scale.  All usual bird race rules apply – birds can be heard or seen
but must be in the square, not seen/heard from the square and in an
adjacent one.  Around three quarters of you team must record it for
the species to count – easy if that’s one of you, both of you for two,
two out of three, or three out of four.

On 2nd May 2015 a team of three (Steve Blain, Matt Burgess and Darren
Oakley-Martin) had a crack at TL14 between 5am and 3pm.  They scored
94 species and that now becomes the benchmark for other teams to beat.

Pick your square and see how many you can get: