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June 2019 Bird News

Shelduck – pair noted with six young at Grovebury

Teal – three back at CCN on 24th

Little Egret – bred at Southill and Blunham

Marsh Harrier – female occasionally noted in the brick pits through the month

Quail – one heard near Sutton on 1st

Ringed Plover – three migrants in CCN on 6th

Dunlin – one in CCN 6th

Sanderling – one in CCN on 6th, another 7th

Black-tailed Godwit – at Grovebury, one on 28th and two on 29th

Arctic Tern – 35+ on Brogborough Lake on 16th !

Turtle Dove – pairs noted at Marston Thrift and near Tempsford Aerodrome, one near Milbrook Station on 15th

Rose-ringed Parakeet – pair regularly seen in Houghton Regis early in the month, one continuing in Stopsley, one over Wootton on 29th

Spotted Flycatcher – well watched pair at Tempsford but very few records received

Firecrest – one at Pegsdon Hills on 8th

May 2019 Bird News

Black-necked Grebe – two at Stewartby Lake on 2nd, one Priory 10th

Shelduck – two on Harrowden Meadows 4th

Pintail – male at Priory CP on 17th

Great White Egret – one at Millenium CP 14th

Marsh Harrier – a female seen infrequently around the brick pits all month

Osprey – one through Grovebury on 8th, one near Clapham on 13th

Avocet – four at Broom GLE on 8th, one at Grovebury on 23rd

Ringed Plover – – one at MVCP 4th, four at Grovebury on 8th, five there on 18th, five at Derek White’s Eggs pit on 17th, four at Chimney Corner North on 18th

Grey Plover – Grovebury on 8th (6), 10th (3), one at Chimney Corner North on 8th

Dunlin – two at Broom GLE 3rd, one at Chimney Corner North on 1st, another on 4th and 15 there on 8th. Maximum of thirty  at Grovebury on 8th, with one there and three at MVCP on 10th

Sanderling – two at Chimney Corner North on 9th, two at Grovebury 11th, one there on 18th, seven through on 26th

Little Stint – one at Grovebury on 26th and 27th

Temmincks Stint – one at Grovebury on 25th to 27th

Knot – nine on shore and ten more flew through at Grovebury on 8th, two at Chimney Corner North on 8th, one at Derek White’s Eggs Pit on 13th and 14th

Ruff – one at Broom GLE on 8th

Whimbrel – one on 7th and seven on 8th at Grovebury

Greenshank – one at Chimney Corner North on 1st, another on 4th, two on 18th, two at Grovebury on 13th, one at Derek White’s Eggs pit on 17th

Common Sandpiper – one at MVCP 4th, two at Grovebury 8th, Brogborough Tip (2) on 10th, one at East Hyde 16th, two at Derek White’s Eggs pit on 17th, two at Priory CP 17th, Chimney Corner North (3) on 18th

Wood Sandpiper – one at Broom GLE on 12th, one at Chimney Corner North on 16th

Arctic Tern – three at Stewartby on 3rd, two on 4th, three on 8th,  one at Priory 4th, five through Chimney Corner North on 10th

Little Tern – Grovebury 8th. another there on 13th

Black Tern – 22 at Stewartby and 31 at Chimney Corner South on 7th, three on 7th then twelve through at Grovebury on 8th, one 11th, Stewartby on 8th (2), 10th (3), 11th (1), 15th (1), 18th (3), Derek Whites (2) on 10th, Priory 8th (13) and 10th (1)

Turtle Dove – pair all month near Marston Thrift, one at MVCP 12th

House Martin – 260+ counted at Grovebury on 8th

Raven – a group of six reported over Marston Thrift on 29th

Yellow Wagtail – one grey-headed resembling “Channel” type at Henlow Grange on 2nd

Spotted Flycatcher – first reports on 11th with birds at Linslade and Coopers Hill

Wheatear – one at Chimney Corner North on 1st, two at Houghton Regis Quarry 4th, one at Broom on 9th

Whinchat – Henlow Grange on 2nd, one near Wrestlingworth on 13th

Black Redstart – male at Blows Down 7th-10th

Ring Ouzel – female near Chimney Corner South on 1st

April 2019 Bird News

Great White Egret – one around Leighton Buzzard from 1st at least seen at Ledburn GP. Another again around Priory CP reported 10th at least

White Stork – one over Grovebury SP 10th

Bittern – at least one booming occasionally in the brick pits

Shelduck – five at Chimney Corner North on 22nd

Garganey – male at Priory on 3rd, one on 15th and eleven at Broom GP on 16th (eight drakes and three ducks)

Common Scoter – four at Stewartby 10th

Great Northern Diver – one still at Stewartby to 28th at least

Hen Harrier – one ringtail near Cople 2nd

Osprey – one over Broom GLE 8th

Hobby – first near Willington 15th

Little Ringed Plover – two at Broom GLE 2nd, nine around the brick pits 6th, four at MVCP 28th

Ringed Plover – two at Broom GP 9th, two at Chimney Corner North on 11th, five at MVCP and two at Chimney Corner North on 28th

Dunlin – one at Chimney Corner North on 6th and 11th, five Broom 8th, two Wixams 17th, Grovebury 20th

Turnstone – one at Chimney Corner North on 28th

Sanderling – one at Chimney Corner North on 22nd

Ruff – one at Meadow Lane 1st, one Chimney Corner North 9th

Curlew – Chimney Corner north 14th, pair returned to southwest of county

Whimbrel – one over Blows Down 14th, two at Grovebury 20th, one on 22nd

Black-tailed Godwit – one at Chimney Corner North on 22nd, one at Broom 24th

Bar-tailed Godwit – two at Grovebury on 30th

Common Sandpiper – one at Stewartby 24th, one at MVCP 28th

Green Sandpiper – one at Chimney Corner South on 19th – 23rd at least, one also at Broom on 23rd

Spotted Redshank – one at Grovebury 20th

Greenshank – one Broom GP GLE 16th, two Wixams 18th, two at Grovebury 20th, one at Chimney Corner North 24th, one each at Broom GLE and Chimney Corner North on 30th

Caspian Gull – 1st winter at Stewartby 12th

Little Gull – Stewartby 5th then fifteen on 8th and five on 9th, one on 10th, 23 at Grovebury SP on 8th,  one Broom GP 8th, two at Priory on 9th, one Southill Lake 10th, 15 at Priory on 22nd

Black Tern – one at Steawrtby 25th

Common Tern – first two Stewartby 5th and two at Broom GP on same date

Arctic Tern – one at Grovebury SP 8th, one Stewartby 9th and another 28th, at least three at Priory on 22nd

Short-eared Owl – Broom GLE pits on four dates from  1st to 8th, two Brogborough Tip 10th

Turtle Dove – a pair returned to Marston Thrift from 28th

Swift – first reported at Meadow Lane/Priory on 23rd

Sand Martin – 100 at Broom GP on 4th and c500 at Stewartby on 2nd and 4th

House Martin – two at East Hyde on 1st, one Eversholt 2nd

Swallow – odd singletons around on 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Water Pipit (or littoralis spp Rock Pipit) – at least two at Broom GP 13th and one on 14th

Yellow Wagtail – two at Broom GP 8th were first reported

White Wagtail – two at Chimney Corner North on 23rd, one at Broom 27th

Willow Warbler – one at Millenium CP and two near Toddington on 1st were first reported

Wood Warbler – one reported from The Lodge on 30th

Grasshopper Warbler – birds reported at Sandy Smith, Millenium CP, Coronation ClP

Reed Warbler – first on 17th at Priory

Stonechat – male on Blows Down 16th

Nightingale – first on 17th at Chimney Corner South, at least two at Stewartby from 18th, at least seven around brick pits complex on 19th

Redstart – one at Blows Down 7th, maybe the same 9th, one at Potton and another at Knocking Hoe both on 12th

Black Redstart – one reported at Pegsdon 10th

Ring Ouzel – Blows Down 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 11th(2), 14th (1), 16th (3). Knocking Hoe 7th, 9th (2), 10th (3), 14th (2), Pegsdon 14th (2), Willington 15th, Biggleswade Common 17th, Henlow Grange 18th (patch tick for Roger), Warden Hill Luton on 20th & 21st (2), Bison Hill had five on 25th

Tree Sparrow – pair at potential nest site near Biggleswade 26th

March 2019 Bird News

Whooper Swan – the seven birds from January still present in fields near Southill Lake on 7th. Party of eight (four ad, four juv) at Chimney Corner North on 23rd

Brent Goose – one near Broom GP on 9th

Ruddy Shelduck – pair again on Pillinge 11th

Common Scoter – three at Stewartby on 27th, also noted on nocmig in the last week of the month

Bittern – one sound recorded in nocturnal migration over Biggleswade on 25th

Great White Egret – one around the brick pits and probably another around Priory/Willington reported regularly through the month. One over Broom on 20th, another at Tiddenfoot 29th

Great Northern Diver – two birds from the start of the year still present at Stewartby Lake on 31st

Osprey – one heading northwards over Quest Pit 31st

Marsh Harrier – occasional reports from bick pits continue, one over Broom 30th

Little Ringed Plover – Grovebury 17th, one at Broom GLE 19th, two at Chimney Corner Nth on 23rd, four on 26th

Ringed Plover – two at Broom 19th and three there on 20th, one Grovebury 31st

Curlew – two in Chimney Corner Nth on 26th

Bar-tailed Godwit – Broom GLE 1st

Black-tailed Godwit – Broom GLE 19th

Dunlin – one at Broom 1st, one at Chimney Corner North on 2nd, one Grovebury 31st

Med Gull – one at Broom GLE 11th, first summer at G&M Pits 20th

Yellow-legged Gull – one Chimney Corner Nth 31st

Kittiwake – one at Stewartby 13th

Short-eared Owl – one at Cardington on 23rd

Wheatear – two at Blows Downs on 22nd were the first reported, four were there on 31st

Stonechat – one at Blows Downs 1st, wintering bird continued from Feb at Brogborough Tip until 2nd at least, one at Barton on 10th, one at Pegsdon on 17th and another at Wilden on 20th

Firecrest – one at The Lodge 15th

Chiffchaff – one resembling tristis at Bedford STW on 26th

February 2019 Bird News

Pink-footed Goose – two near Staploe 3rd

Whooper Swan – seven from January still near Southill until the end of the month

Pintail – one at Brogborough 12th

Red-crested Pochard – two at Radwell 17th and 20th at least

Bittern – one on ice at Coronation ClP 3rd

Glossy Ibis – one in flight near Dunstable STW on 25th not relocated

Great White Egret – one over Priory 1st and 10th and around Octagon Farm on 20th and again Priory 26th, possibly same bird involved in all these sightings

Great Northern Diver – two at Stewartby from December still present into March

Merlin – Brogborough Tip 3rd

Curlew – five over Meppershall 22nd, one over Grovebury 24th

Caspian Gull – adult and two first-winters at Grovebury SP 25th

Short-eared Owl – one near Eynesbury on Cambs border 15th to 17th, one near Cardington 24th and 25th

Stonechat – Broom GLE 10th, two at Barton Hills 21st, and one at Brogborough Tip throughout

Siberian Chiffchaff – possible at Stotfold Mill NR from 11th to 25th at least

Great Grey Shrike – Thurleigh 16th

Waxwing – two from January still present on 2nd in Flitwick, two at The Lodge 22nd

Tree Sparrow – two Upper Caldecotte 11th

Crossbill – two at The Lodge 16th

Common Redpoll – at least one with 26 Lesser at Sandy Heath 12th

Corn Bunting – 45 came to roost in Willington 11th

January 2019 Bird News

Whooper Swan – seven near Broom 19th into February

Shelduck – three Brogborough Lake 21st

Red-crested Pochard – female-type at MCP Wetlands 12th, then Chimney Corner South 19th

Goosander – four at Woburn and Eversholt Lake early in the month, two roosting at Grovebury

Smew – redhead at Priory 14th

White-headed Duck – one ringed female (possible escaped from Zwetloots) at Roxton 5th

Great White Egret – DWE 6th, Priory 10th, Stewartby Lake 11th, two over Chimney Corner Nth on 19th

Great Northern Diver –  Stewartby two birds from December throughout the month

Slavonian Grebe – Brogborough Tip Lake from December remained until 1st

Marsh Harrier – at least two birds have been reported regularly around the brick pits

Hen Harrier – Rookery North 18th

Merlin – one near Cardington 26th

Mediterranean Gull – Stewartby Lake 3rd and 11th, 1st winter Houghton Regis 15th

Stonechat – Brogborough Tip from 1st, two at MCP Wetlands NR

Siberian Chiffchaff (possible) – Meadow Lane by Bedford STW 12th and seen again 20th

Waxwing – up to three at John O’Gaunt GC 9th and 10th, Sandy 10th until 17th, two in Flitwick 19th-25th

Tree Sparrow – four to six at Sunderland Hall, Biggleswade on 9th

Brambling – up to 20 at Barton Hill Farm and others also at The Lodge at least

Crossbill – The Lodge four birds from December until 3rd at least

Corn Bunting – flock of 290+ near Stotfold on 1st

December 2018 Bird News

Bewicks Swan – two at Chimney Corner South on 16th

Brent Goose – one near Langford 15th

Whitefronted Goose – one Broom GP 14th then at Southill 21st, nr Wrest Park on 22nd

Red-crested Pochard – one in MCP Wetlands NR on 28th then Stewartby Lake on 30th-31st

Smew – redhead at Brogborough Lake 23rd

Bittern – Brogborough 22nd

Great White Egret Wyboston 7th and near Sandy 8th, Willington 17th and 20th, presumed same briefly over Priory 18th, one at MCP Wetlands 27th, another at Roxton also 27th

Shag over Broom GLE 3rd

Great Northern Diver – one at Brogborough Tip then Lake from 15th also visiting Stewartby and Rookery North on 23rd, then regularly at Stewartby where two birds reported from 28th

Slavonian Grebe – Brogborough Tip Lake 22nd until 31st

Marsh Harrier – one female -type throughout the month around the brick pits

Merlin Broom Quarry 1st and 31st at least also Broom GLE 2nd

Caspian Gull 3w near Dunstable STW 2nd, 1w Brogborough Lake 8th

Mediterranean Gull Brogborough 1st, 16th, 18th and 30th, Wyboston 7th, Stewartby 16th, Grovebury 23rd

Short-eared Owl Brogborough Tip 1st, Biggleswade Common 10th, nr Wilstead on 27th

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker – one around The Lodge early month

Stonechat Brogborough Tip 8th. two there 22nd

Firecrest The Lodge 11th

Tree Sparrow – at least two around Upper Caldecotte between Christmas and the end of the year

Crossbills – up to ten at Stockgrove CP 9th, sixteen on 18th, four at The Lodge on 31st

Corn Bunting flock of 95+ Southill 5th

November 2018 bird news

GW Egret – MCP Wetlands 3rd, Wyboston 9th, Radwell 10th

Little Egret – 12 Wyboston 10th (recent report of 17)

Whooper Swan – Radwell 10th

Brent Goose – Grovebury 17th and Meadow Lane GP 26th

Ruddy Shelduck – two wandering birds in Rookery South 18th and 24th, had been previously at  MVCP, Eversholt and Battlesden at least

Mandarin – 30+ Stockgrove 3rd

Pintail – Roxton 10th, seven Brogborough 10th

Red-crested Pochard – Pillinge 8th and Stewartby Lake 26th

Goldeneye – eight Brogborough 17th

Common Scoter – Stewartby 17th

Great Northern Diver Brogborough Lake 30th

Marsh Harrier – one in brick pits mid-month, another Sandy Smith 28th

Dunlin – Chimney Corner North 17th, two Grovebury 17th

Curlew – Brogborough Tip 3rd

Caspian Gull – three Grovebury 4th, two there 11th, three 17th, 2nd winter Brogborough Lake 10th

Med Gull – one Grovebury 11th

Merlin – near Wilden 5th and 21st

Yellow-browed Warbler – Hulcote Wood 3rd

Waxwing – 5 or 6 at John O’Gaunt golf course on 29th

Hawfinch – vismig The Pinnacle one on 3rd, another on 4th, two vismig Sharpenhoe 3rd

Crossbills – recorded from The Lodge, vismig one at Pinnacle 3rd and two at Sharpenhoe 3rd. The c10 at Rushmere on the county boundary on 23rd at least

October 2018 Bird News

Whooper Swan – one a Grovebury 28th

Ruddy Shelduck – two at Eversholt Lake 21st (had been also at…

Hen Harrier – one near Potton on 18th

Black-tailed Godwit – Brog Tip 27th

Mediterranean Gull – near Broom 13th

Kittiwake – up to eight in Stewartby roost 27th, one juv over Sharpenhoe 28th

Caspian Gull – polish ringed juv Grovebury 6th, adult there 27th

Hobby – late over The Lodge 8th

Merlin – one near Upper Caldecotte 31st

Short-eared Owl – Stewartby Lake 21st, Gravenhurst 27th

House Martin – c25 over Henlow on 17th

Swallow – two on vismig watch near Meppershall 20th

Woodlark – two vismig Blows Down 21st, one vismig Sharpenhoe 21st

Redwing – first good vismig of year incl 1600 over The Pinnacle on 7th

Ring Ouzel – one on vismig watch near Meppershall 20th, another near Pegnut Wood 28th

Black Redstart – one in Biggleswade 11th, with three in same location on 17th, one still 18th

Whinchat – one near Potton on 18th

Stonechat – at least five at Chicksands 4th, five at Blows Down on 10th, other singles in various locations

Wheatear – one near Sandy on 17th

Richards Pipit – Chelveston Airfield 13th to 16th at least

Yellow-browed Warbler – Sandy 8th-9th

Hawfinch – one vismig over Eaton Bray on 18th, five on vismig on 20th (two Sharpenhoe, two The Pinnacle and one Meppershall), one over The Lodge 25th

Brambling – first noted on 7th, also picked up in reasonable numbers on vismig

Crossbill – one at The Lodge 17th and two on 23rd, ten near Everton 26th, ten at Rushmere CP 28th

September 2018 Birds News

Great White Egret – Broom GLE 6th, Pillinge 15th

Ruddy Shelduck – MCP Pillinge 30th

Pintail – three Stewartby 30th

Garganey – three Chimney Corner South 1st

Marsh Harrier – Roxton 1st, adult male Quest 1st, juv Broom 5th, female and juv Quest 16th, juv over Upper Caldecote 18th

Honey Buzzard – one over The Lodge 20th

Osprey – one near Sutton 21st, another over Upper Caldecote 21st

Wood Sandpiper – MCP 2nd, Brog Tip 9th-13th (presume same)

Knot – two through Priory CP on 18th

Ruff – Grovebury 11th and 16th

Pectoral Sand – Grovebury 25th

Greenshank – MCP 2nd, two Brog Tip 9th-13th (presume same), two MCP 12th-14th

Little Stint – Grovebury 14th

Grey Phalarope – Brogborough Lake 20-22, Grovebury 22-30th

Med Gull – Broom south quarry on 1st

Caspian Gull – Grovebury polish ringed juv and adult many dates first half of month

Turtle Dove – three Brog Tip 9th

Swift – three late at Dunstable STW 16th

Redstart – one Chicksands 1st, one at Pegsdon on 2nd

Whinchat –  one Chicksands 1st, one at Pegsdon on 2nd, three on 5th and two on 9th and 13th at Brog Tip

Wheatear – one at Pegsdon on 2nd

Spotted Flycatcher – one at Pegsdon on 2nd, family of four at The Lodge on 3rd, one in Stopsley 21st

Tree Pipit – one over Pegsdon 8th and another 15th