Bedfordshire Birding Sites

On this page you will find a map of some of the best birding sites Bedfordshire has to offer.

To view the map at its best, please open it in a new window by clicking here.  Otherwise browse the map below to find what you are looking for.

To find a birding location on the map you can search by clicking the magnifying glass (but you will only see the magnifying glass if you open the map in a new window, it does not show in the map below).

The sites are split in to two sections – main sites and sub-sites.  Many locations will just be in the main sites list, but if they have discreet areas within them which birders refer to these have been (or will be) documented in the sub-sites section.  An additional layer which can be turned on and off is called Access – these are points of interest around some locations.  They may be where to park, viewpoints, or footpath access points.  Click on areas or points to find out more information.

Two additional layers are also listed – 1km and 10km squares, which may be useful for recording purposes.

Updates and suggested changes are always welcome so please get in touch if you spot a mistake or would like to contribute.  We will continue to update this section with new material and additional sites when they arise.

Disclaimer: Inclusion on this map does not necessarily mean access is open to all. Please check you have the landowners permission before entering any site, or view only from public rights of way.  Boundaries, parking areas and access points are indicative only and indicate no rights whatsoever to use them.

Ampthill Park TL026385 

Aspley Heath SP930340 

Barton Hills TL090300 

Battlesden Lake SP957287 

Bedford STW TL085499 

Begwary Brook NR TL168564 

Biggleswade Common TL195470 

Black Cat GP TL164554 

Blows Downs TL040218 

Blunham Lakes TL158512 

Box End Park TL013485 

Brogborough Lake SP975395 

Brogborough Hill SP967386 

Brogborough Tip & Pools SP965395 

Broom East CWS TL179434 

Broom GP TL175445 

Broom South Quarry TL173421 

Cainhoe Lakes TL095377 

Carthagena GC TL213480 

Chalton STW TL028275 

Chicksands Wood TL100400 

Chimney Corner North ClP TL035456 

Chimney Corner South Lake TL035448  

Cooper’s Hill TL028378 

Coronation ClP TL027430 

Cuckoo Bridge Lake TL119509 

Deepdale Quarry TL212488 

Derek White’s Eggs GP TL184463 

Dunstable Downs TL005195 

Dunstable STW TL002243 

East Hyde TL129171 

Elstow ClP TL047456 

Eversholt (Linden) Lake SP980323 

Felmersham NR SP990584 

Fenlake Meadows TL074486 

Flitwick Moor TL046354 

Flitwick STW TL038365 

Gadsey Brook TL111506 

Galley Hill TL092269 

Great Barford Lake TL131508 

Grovebury SP SP924232 

Harrold-Odell CP SP960570 

Henlow Bridge Lakes TL189381 

Henlow Grange TL183384 

Hollington Marsh TL064366 

Houghton Brook Pools TL042246 

Houghton Regis ChP TL008235 

John O’Gaunt GC TL218478 

Kempston Bypass Pools TL033462 

King’s Wood, Heath & Reach SP930300 

King’s Wood, H. Conquest TL045400 

Knocking Hoe TL130310 

Knotting Green TL008622 

Langford Common TL181407 

Leagrave Marsh TL060250 

Lodge Farm Lake TL114398 

Longholme Lake TL059493 

Lowe’s Wood SP928325 

Luton Hoo TL104186 

Marston STW TL004420  

Maulden Wood TL070390 

MCP Wetlands NR TL004417 

Meadow Lane GP TL086504 

Octagon Farm GP TL092500 

Pegnut Wood TL225480 

Pegsdon Hills TL120295 

Poppy Hill Lakes TL182394 

Priory CP TL073493 

Putnoe Wood TL067527 

Quest ClP TL030420 

Radwell Lakes TL010585 

R Ouse through Bedford TL051495 

Rookery North ClP TL017417 

Rookery South ClP TL015407 

Roxton Lakes TL157535 

Rushmere CP SP916291 

Sandy Heath (Quarry) TL203493 

Sandy Smith NR TL115393 

Sharpenhoe Clappers TL066303 

Shuttleworth College Lake TL143444 

Southill Lake TL145428 

Southill Park TL140420 

Stewartby Lake TL008425 

Stopsley Common TL098247 

Stratton Park Bal. Pond TL212438 

Swiss Gardens TL149446 

Tempsford Airfield TL185525 

Tetworth Hall Estate TL217528 

The Lodge  TL188478 

The Pinnacle, Sandy TL183494 

Thurleigh Airfield TL045605 

Tithe Farm Reservoir TL144577 

Toddington Services Pools TL033288 

Totternhoe Knolls SP985222 

Warden Great Wood TL110430 

Warden Hill TL091261 

Wardown Park Luton TL088228 

Warren Villas TL179476 

Waterloo Thorns TL181519 

Whipsnade Zoo TL005172 

Wigmore Valley Park TL130220 

Wilden Reservoir TL113555 

Willington GP TL100505 

Woburn Park SP960325 

Woburn Road Wetlands TL020458 

Wrest Park TL090355 

Wyboston Lakes TL177575