April 2019 Bird News

Great White Egret – one around Leighton Buzzard from 1st at least seen at Ledburn GP. Another again around Priory CP reported 10th at least

White Stork – one over Grovebury SP 10th

Bittern – at least one booming occasionally in the brick pits

Shelduck – five at Chimney Corner North on 22nd

Garganey – male at Priory on 3rd, one on 15th and eleven at Broom GP on 16th (eight drakes and three ducks)

Common Scoter – four at Stewartby 10th

Great Northern Diver – one still at Stewartby to 28th at least

Hen Harrier – one ringtail near Cople 2nd

Osprey – one over Broom GLE 8th

Hobby – first near Willington 15th

Little Ringed Plover – two at Broom GLE 2nd, nine around the brick pits 6th, four at MVCP 28th

Ringed Plover – two at Broom GP 9th, two at Chimney Corner North on 11th, five at MVCP and two at Chimney Corner North on 28th

Dunlin – one at Chimney Corner North on 6th and 11th, five Broom 8th, two Wixams 17th, Grovebury 20th

Turnstone – one at Chimney Corner North on 28th

Sanderling – one at Chimney Corner North on 22nd

Ruff – one at Meadow Lane 1st, one Chimney Corner North 9th

Curlew – Chimney Corner north 14th, pair returned to southwest of county

Whimbrel – one over Blows Down 14th, two at Grovebury 20th, one on 22nd

Black-tailed Godwit – one at Chimney Corner North on 22nd, one at Broom 24th

Bar-tailed Godwit – two at Grovebury on 30th

Common Sandpiper – one at Stewartby 24th, one at MVCP 28th

Green Sandpiper – one at Chimney Corner South on 19th – 23rd at least, one also at Broom on 23rd

Spotted Redshank – one at Grovebury 20th

Greenshank – one Broom GP GLE 16th, two Wixams 18th, two at Grovebury 20th, one at Chimney Corner North 24th, one each at Broom GLE and Chimney Corner North on 30th

Caspian Gull – 1st winter at Stewartby 12th

Little Gull – Stewartby 5th then fifteen on 8th and five on 9th, one on 10th, 23 at Grovebury SP on 8th,  one Broom GP 8th, two at Priory on 9th, one Southill Lake 10th, 15 at Priory on 22nd

Black Tern – one at Steawrtby 25th

Common Tern – first two Stewartby 5th and two at Broom GP on same date

Arctic Tern – one at Grovebury SP 8th, one Stewartby 9th and another 28th, at least three at Priory on 22nd

Short-eared Owl – Broom GLE pits on four dates from  1st to 8th, two Brogborough Tip 10th

Turtle Dove – a pair returned to Marston Thrift from 28th

Swift – first reported at Meadow Lane/Priory on 23rd

Sand Martin – 100 at Broom GP on 4th and c500 at Stewartby on 2nd and 4th

House Martin – two at East Hyde on 1st, one Eversholt 2nd

Swallow – odd singletons around on 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Water Pipit (or littoralis spp Rock Pipit) – at least two at Broom GP 13th and one on 14th

Yellow Wagtail – two at Broom GP 8th were first reported

White Wagtail – two at Chimney Corner North on 23rd, one at Broom 27th

Willow Warbler – one at Millenium CP and two near Toddington on 1st were first reported

Wood Warbler – one reported from The Lodge on 30th

Grasshopper Warbler – birds reported at Sandy Smith, Millenium CP, Coronation ClP

Reed Warbler – first on 17th at Priory

Stonechat – male on Blows Down 16th

Nightingale – first on 17th at Chimney Corner South, at least two at Stewartby from 18th, at least seven around brick pits complex on 19th

Redstart – one at Blows Down 7th, maybe the same 9th, one at Potton and another at Knocking Hoe both on 12th

Black Redstart – one reported at Pegsdon 10th

Ring Ouzel – Blows Down 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 11th(2), 14th (1), 16th (3). Knocking Hoe 7th, 9th (2), 10th (3), 14th (2), Pegsdon 14th (2), Willington 15th, Biggleswade Common 17th, Henlow Grange 18th (patch tick for Roger), Warden Hill Luton on 20th & 21st (2), Bison Hill had five on 25th

Tree Sparrow – pair at potential nest site near Biggleswade 26th