December 2023 Bird News

Bewick’s Swan – eight flew north over Langford Mill on 3rd, and what was almost certainly the same group seen at Priory CP shortly afterwards

Whooper Swan – one at Chimney Corner South on 13th, four at Broom South Quarry on 31st

Red-crested Pochard – a pair at Priory CP on 23rd

Ring-necked Duck – a male at Priory CP from 6th to 24th was considered to be a returning bird from previous years

Goosander – a high count of 14 at Harrold-Odell CP on 14th

Ruddy Duck – three, a juvenile male and two females flew into Priory CP on morning of the 3rd, then departed less than an hour later

Woodcock – only site recording more than one was The Lodge where regular watching for the Survey suggested up to seven birds emerging from roost

Caspaian Gull – a regular adult bird at Stewartby Lake was often seen on a buoy during the day as well as being found in the evening roost. Presumed to be the same bird as was seen last winter

Cattle Egret – nine roosted at Grovebury SP on 28th and 29th

Merlin – recorded from Tetworth on 1st, Thurleigh on 17th and 26th, Galley Hill Luton on 17th, Henlow Grange on 25th and Broom South Quarry on 26th

Ring-necked Parakeet – an increase in numbers. Ten in Dunstable on 8th, one in Shefford on 10th, three in Wardown Park Luton on 14th, four in Caddington on 16th

Waxwing – reports included 21 in Silsoe on 2nd, four remaining there on 3rd and 4th. 18 over Thurleigh on 17th, 13 in Potton on 23rd tp 25th, 18 in Leighton Buzzard next to Grovebury SP on 29th, a group that remained for some days and continued to be reported locally into mid-January

Chiffchaff – many reports of wintering birds mostly in scrub near waterbodies and at various WTW. Highest count was of six at Priory CP on 13th

Crossbill – flock of six near Woburn Sands on 16th