Bird Record Submissions

The Bedfordshire Bird Club collects bird records for the county. They are used to produce the annual Bedfordshire Bird Report and sent to the Local Records center to be used for planning applications and research purposes. A copy of our Confidentiality Policy can be found here (updated May 2020)

What do we want?

The Bedfordshire bird list (updated January 2023) details exactly what records the club requires. These range from all records of some species to just unusual locations and high counts for others. Breeding records are also very useful, and often under-recorded for many species.

If you want some inspiration about where to go birding to create some valuable records have a look the map on this page.  It details the number of records we have received in BirdTrack since 2007.  Many 1km squares (especially in the north-west of the county) have had fewer than 100 records.  Take a look and fill some squares!

Sending in Records

The recorder’s preferred method of receiving your records is via BirdTrack. It’s easy to set up, entering your records online is quick, and the reports it produces are fabulous for reviewing your own records and keeping lists up to date.

Also see this link to iRecord that can be used for occasional records. This platform also allows input on other taxa: butterflies, moths, dragonflies, beetles, mammals etc

The County Bird Recorder

Peter Nash,  Tel: 07753 411786.  email

County Rarities

Download a copy of the Beds Rarities Description Form and email to:

Matt Burgess (Secretary, Beds Rarities Panel),
Tel: 07809 604541

Need a Grid Reference?

Grab-a-Grid Reference is an excellent resource on the BNHS website.  Now there’s no excuse to not provide this key piece of information with your record!