October 2019 Bird News

Cormorant – count of 82 from Priory CP on 31st

Great Egret – one at Willington GP on 19th

Teal – a leucisitic bird has been seen on a few occasions in Chimney Corner North

Pintail – male at Grovebury on 20th

Red-crested Pochard – male at Grovebury on 20th

Ring-necked Duck – an eclipse adult male at MCP Wetlands NR on 5th until 17th was the first in the county since 2006

Scaup – one at MCP Wetlands NR from 16th until 20th

Common Scoter – one in Coronation ClP on 21st

Goldeneye – five at Priory CP on 28th

Osprey – one over Broom on 3rd

Goshawk – one reported over The Lodge 9th, another escaped bird from Flitwick was around Stewartby area early in the month before being returned to its owner

Harris Hawk – one seen near Cople has been noted as having been living as a feral bird for some three years

Black-tailed Godwit – one at Chimney Corner North on 2nd

Dunlin – one at Broom GLE 29th

Yellow-legged Gull – one at Stewartby on 16th, one in CCN on 25th, one at Broom GLE on 29th

Caspian Gull – one at Grovebury SP on 13th at least was carrying a yellow ring demonstrating German origin

Mediterranean Gull – one at Grovebury SP on 13th

Ring-necked Parakeet – one in Wootton on 16th, four in Biddeham on 31st

Rock Pipit – one at Radwell Lakes on 13th

Ring Ouzel – one over The Pinnacle, Sandy on 12th, one at Knocking Hoe on 20th

Stonechat – one in Ridgeway Wood on 15th, one in Woburn Park on 18th

Firecrest – one in a Langford garden on 24th, one in Ampthill Park on 27th

Brambling – birds noted at Knocking Hoe and Sharpenhoe Clappers on 20th

Hawfinch – one heard over Knocking Hoe on 20th