Where to see the last Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Millbrook Proving Ground, March 2015 by Josh Jones
Lady Amherst’s Pheasant, Millbrook Proving Ground, March 2015 by Josh Jones

Due to the continued publication of the location of the last remaining bird and to try and stop birders trespassing on the Millbrook Proving Ground and surrounding private land it has been decided that these details are made public.  We hope that if more birders visit the site the irresponsible actions of a few will be self-policed by any other birders present.  The jumping of fences and chasing through the bushes to catch a glimpse should not be tolerated!  The remaining male is probably over twenty years old and won’t have long left so please respect him and the property he lives on.

Millbrook have been made aware of this webpage and will patrol the parameter fence occasionally to make sure there are no problems.  They have a strict policy on the use of cameras on their site, which makes birders with high power optics and cameras snooping round the edges a potential risk for them.


He lives on the edge of Millbrook Proving Ground, next to a footpath running from Lidlington village.  Parking is ample by the church in Lidlington (SP991389) but please be considerate if it is busy.  To view, take the footpath east opposite the church and walk for c.300 meters to view the woodland edge over the fence.  The bird moves around a bit and viewing can be difficult but please be patient and you should get lucky.  Unfortunately, presumably because just one male is left, he seldom calls now so his exact whereabouts is just a matter of watching patiently.

14th April Update – The residents of Lidlington are getting concerned over parking issues in the village, in particular along Church Street (between the railway station and the church).  PLEASE be considerate and don’t block any driveways or access.  One resident has suggest to park in the local pub car park (the Green Man) but no official approach has been made to them for their permission so please pop in and ask before hand – or even buy a pint or two if you manage to see the bird!

Also it has come to my attention that birders are trying to get in via the main gate at Millbrook Proving Ground – you will be turned away!  Please do not try and chance your arm by turning up at the main gate.  Security is strict (the very reason this location was kept quiet in the first place) and the bird can be seen more easily from the Lidlington footpath.

The good news is that many people are seeing the bird, albeit some after a long wait.

A map showing the area and location of footpaths can be found here.



Any issues at the site that are reported to me will get fed back to staff at Millbrook for them to deal with.

Steve Blain
Bedfordshire Bird Recorder
updated April 2016