Bedfordshire Birding Sites

On this page you will find a map of some of the best birding sites Bedfordshire has to offer.

To view the map at its best, please open it in a new window by clicking here.  Otherwise browse the map below to find what you are looking for.

To find a birding location on the map you can search by clicking the magnifying glass (but you will only see the magnifying glass if you open the map in a new window, it does not show in the map below).

The sites are split in to two sections – main sites and sub-sites.  Many locations will just be in the main sites list, but if they have discreet areas within them which birders refer to these have been (or will be) documented in the sub-sites section.  An additional layer which can be turned on and off is called Access – these are points of interest around some locations.  They may be where to park, viewpoints, or footpath access points.  Click on areas or points to find out more information.

Two additional layers are also listed – 1km and 10km squares, which may be useful for recording purposes.

Updates and suggested changes are always welcome so please get in touch if you spot a mistake or would like to contribute.  We will continue to update this section with new material and additional sites when they arise.

Disclaimer: Inclusion on this map does not necessarily mean access is open to all. Please check you have the landowners permission before entering any site, or view only from public rights of way.  Boundaries, parking areas and access points are indicative only and indicate no rights whatsoever to use them.